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The company is a professional production of cold molds and mold accessories brand-name enterprises, due to the expansion of the scale of development needs, add the following positions:

1. General car: 2,

Requirements: proficient in operation 6140 lathe, fine 0.02MM or less, a screw mold and powder metallurgy mold manufacturing experience is preferred.

2. Centerless Grinder: 2,

Requirements: grinding precision 0.003MM, mold parts manufacturing experience.

3. Polished division: 2,

Requirements: finish less than 0.1. On the end of the spark line to remove, round hole and all kinds of different holes polished more than 1 year experience.

4. Surface grinder: 4,

Requirements: skilled use of 618 molding grinder, grinding wheel angle and arc will be trimmed;

5. Chong machine: 5,

Requirements: high-speed steel or tungsten steel punch grinding more than 1 year experience.

6. Internal and external grinder:

Requirements: skilled use of Beijing two machine cylindrical grinder, precision requirements 0.002MM, high-speed steel and tungsten steel grinding more than 4 years experience.

7. CNC lathe:

Requirements: wide and Frank system more than 3 years experience, turning accuracy of 0.005 or less.

8. Commodity inspection: 2,

Requirements: for all kinds of measuring tools and testing equipment: hardness, the second element, the projector accurate operation, work carefully.

9. Reserve technician:

The same time as

Requirements: There are machine tools operating system training background graduates preferred.


Above post a job, generous treatment!

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