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Manufacturing big country to create the power industry five major changes in the hardware industry is the key
2011-03-14 09:49:28  

    It is reported that in the "Eleventh Five-Year" on the basis of rapid growth, the hardware industry will be in the "second Five-Year" period will be the whole industry adjustment strategy to speed up structural changes, from export to "domestic trade both domestic and foreign Market equal "two legs to walk, continue to develop the domestic market, and industry to low-carbon environmental transformation.

    The core of industrial transformation is to enhance, from the existing situation to a higher level of industrial model forward. During the second five, combined with the industry and their own situation in-depth thinking, will be the five major changes.

To export OEM-based to its own brand-based

    Attention to the domestic market is not to give up the international market, walking on two legs, refers to both domestic and foreign markets, parallel. OEM is always orders, production, delivery three lines, for the domestic market, standards, to know nothing about, this completely dependent on each other's industrial model is very dangerous, once the customer changes, the enterprise is likely Into a comprehensive crisis. Therefore, we must master the brand's autonomy, out of a solid road of independent brands.

The amount of expansion to the quality of the upgrade

    At present, the status quo of homogenization and low level of duplication of labor in the industry has not been improved. We must realize the transformation from producing big country to production power, and must overcome the current situation of excessive low-grade products and high-grade products.

Low cost, low price to high value-added, high profit margins

    Peer competition between low-cost, is harm the industry, lose-lose behavior. The positive example is the hood industry, so far no price war has been carried out, the tradition of this industry has been the technical competition, from the product itself, the added value to start to get the favor of the market, maintaining the industry orderly, healthy The ecological environment.

The transition from extensive to intensive

    Change the original industry, small, weak, scattered status quo, enhance product processing capacity, enhance the manufacturing equipment, technology, create brand, take an intensive development of the road.

From labor-intensive to technology-intensive changes

    Labor-intensive industries can also modern electronics, "IT" and other technologies into the industry.

    At the 2010 China International Hardware Show announced the faucet Industrial Design Competition, is the association from the industrial design to start, to increase the technological content of products, added value and the industry to make the demonstration and guidance. Hardware industry variety, have their own characteristics, take the technology-intensive way, there is a lot of room for growth.

    "Twelve Five" China's hardware industry will be "five changes" as the focus of work. In order to achieve the "manufacturing power to the manufacturing power" change, we must take a solid step towards this goal.

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