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China 's auto parts die hardware industry development speed
2011-03-14 09:50:22  

The rapid development of the automobile industry has led to the rapid development of the automobile panel mold.

    Following the development of the "blowout" type in 2002 and 2003, China's auto industry still received a 14.1% increase in production and a 15.5% increase in sales. In 2004, the total output of the automobile was more than 5.07 million. In addition to the rapid development of output value, in recent years, the rapid development of automotive models. According to incomplete statistics, a car alone, now has more than 40 brands, more than 200 models. Listed in 2004 there are about 40 new cars. Whether it is production or models, have broken through the original automotive industry, "15" planning objectives. In such a new situation, the automotive panel mold market has a corresponding rapid development, far breakthrough in the "15" plan of the idea. 2004 die output value of more than 530 billion yuan, compared with the original "15" plan in 2009 490 billion yuan more than 4 billion yuan target. Which auto panel mold average annual increase is higher than the industry level, the estimated average annual growth rate of nearly 20%.

Production capacity increased rapidly

    As the automotive panel mold market demand, so many companies have increased the technological transformation efforts, some new enterprises are also rapid development, so that the production capacity of auto parts die greatly improved. After the technological transformation, the original industry recognized four mold factory (FAW mold, car car mold, Tianjin car mold, Sichuan Chengfei) have been producing large and medium-sized car cover mold about 2 million hours of work capacity, mold year The output value of more than 100 million yuan. Compared with 2000, the capacity has more than doubled. In addition to this four, in recent years the emergence of a number of new products with an annual output of more than or nearly 100 million yuan of nearly 10 enterprises. In addition there are about 50 million yuan in output value of about 10 enterprises. This is more than 20 car cover mold manufacturing enterprises is the main force, the total capacity of about 2 billion yuan. Coupled with some other small businesses, it is estimated that the country has about 3 billion yuan of automotive panel die production capacity.

    In recent years, the development of private enterprises to develop rapidly, foreign-funded enterprises have begun to enter China, which is the most active Japanese. Now the production of automotive panels die more and more enterprises, it is estimated that the country has more than 100. A large number of private car mold manufacturing enterprises as a result of investment, starting point high, clear service, has become a new force of the sudden force.

    In addition to various enterprises to develop their own production capacity, the enterprise between the joint, coordination and collaboration capabilities in recent years have also greatly improved, in some areas has formed a car cover mold production base of the prototype, these agglomeration production base has formed a car Mold enterprise group and professional with close supply chain. These are a great help to the ability to play. In addition to Shanghai and Hebei Province, Botou City, there are a lot of car-covered mold manufacturers together, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, Tianjin and the surrounding areas, Harbin, Chengdu and other places are relatively concentrated in a number of automotive panel mold production Enterprises, and has formed a number of collaborative relationships, thereby enhancing the overall capacity.

    With some mold "leading" enterprise scale expansion and organization, coordination and technical strength of the increase, a single mold enterprises to undertake the capacity of the vehicle mold has been formed, or even within a year to undertake a number of models of vehicle mold. At the same time, the industry has initially formed a professional division of labor and group management, thereby enhancing the overall strength of the mold business.

Technological progress has achieved remarkable results

    With the rapid development of automobile production and models in recent years, car prices have declined year by year. The results of car prices to force the car manufacturers to reduce costs, which also made a price reduction requirements of the mold business. In this regard, many mold factory that this mold factory unfavorable, but there are some mold factory that this is good news. Because the car factory to reduce the price of molds, of course, including imports and domestic, including all the molds, and now the domestic mold prices compared with abroad is much lower, so the car factory will reduce the cost of mold procurement under the part of the Mold from foreign procurement to domestic procurement, this way, not only die factory orders will increase, and this part of the mold prices will be optimistic. This is a good reason. Whether it is to accept the original import and into the domestic procurement of the mold or accept the original is made and now require the price of the mold orders, require mold manufacturers in the management and technical aspects of progress to be competent. This forced the mold enterprises to actively adopt new technologies, and strive to improve enterprise management, improve their overall quality and core competitiveness. To the technology to efficiency, to the management to benefit, has become the consensus of many mold factory.

    At present, China's auto mold enterprises in the main hardware and international level gap is rapidly shrinking, and even a number of enterprises have reached the world advanced level, technological progress is obvious.

    In the equipment level, both in recent years, new enterprises or through technological transformation of the old enterprises, without exception, a large number of procurement of advanced CNC equipment, these devices include three-axis to five-axis high-speed machining machine, large gantry Processing centers and CNC milling and other machine tools, advanced large-scale measurement and debugging equipment and multi-axis CNC laser cutting machine. As a result, the level and capacity of the production of automotive panel molds has been greatly improved. In the past, a business is difficult to complete the mold within a year of the mold, and now some of the key enterprises have been fully have this ability. Individual enterprises through industry collaboration also has a year can complete 4 to 5 models a full set of mold capacity. Most companies are also equipped with many advanced software. According to the current level of equipment, the country has a year to complete more than 20 models of vehicle mold capacity.

    Second, in the design and processing technology, enterprises use three-dimensional cad has been more and more, at the same time, cae technology has also been widely used. As the core technology of automobile large-scale cover mold development --cae technology, now cae software has been in the traditional shape analysis only to achieve the upgrade, can participate in the whole process of stamping process, in the analysis of the content of the extensive, practical , There are significant improvements in accuracy. This product design and process analysis, improve the mold, especially the success rate of drawing die, shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, improve the quality of the mold have a significant role. Digital manufacturing, reverse engineering, concurrent engineering, agile manufacturing, lean manufacturing and other advanced technology has also been in the automotive panel die production has been applied, and produced good results.

    In the mold factory generally use capp although there are very difficult, but there are some examples of success. Few used high-speed processing technology is now being used more and more, it can be said to have been to the beginning of a wide range of applications. Others such as measurement technology, surface coating technology, integrated inspection tooling, standardized applications and rapid prototyping technology and the rapid combination of rapid economic mold, in recent years has also made a lot of progress.

    As the level of equipment and design and processing technology to improve, coupled with the improvement of the quality of personnel and the application of some new technologies, in recent years, domestic automobile panel mold level also will be greatly improved.

    The level of the mold is improved in many ways, embodied in the whole process of mold production.

    Now, including the whole of the overall side of the fender and the fender, including the mid-range car all the cover mold has been able to produce. For the joint venture of foreign models supporting the mold and some export molds, but also through foreign (such as Japan, Germany) the company's standard acceptance. Some of the key domestic enterprises have achieved from the local parts, middle and low car mold transition to the vehicle parts, high-end car mold production capacity. And automatic press supporting large-scale continuous mode and multi-station progressive die now has a higher level of domestic products. Domestic high-end level of mold and foreign gap is narrowing. In the high-end car mold all rely on imports of the phenomenon is gradually being changed. In recent years for the automated production line production of the mold and large-scale multi-station automated mold also shows the quality of mold technology and other comprehensive level and strength of progress.

    As the popularity of cad / cae technology and the use of accumulation, some domestic enterprises in the dl design stamping process analysis has been close to foreign level. Standardized structure, standard parts, the use of typical structure and its flexible processing on this basis, has made the mold structure of a high degree of compound, reasonable layout and reasonable use. Some units with the use of high-performance processing equipment and cam technology is mature, but also the establishment of the corresponding knowledge base, tool library, spindle head library, etc., can be virtual processing to check the interference. Some companies have also developed a self-developed software to avoid over-cutting, after application can completely prevent the cutting of CNC machine tools. Precision machining, multi-axis linkage processing, tilt the use of processing methods to achieve the mold manufacturing quality improvement. The progress of the real casting technology provides a better casting blank for the mold. Multi-species, high-quality standard parts for the mold standardization provides the conditions for the mold production cycle greatly shortened, while also reducing the cost.

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