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Hardware tools how to "brand pain" for the development of advantages?
2011-03-14 09:51:24  

    With the acceleration of the global economic integration process, China's hardware and processing industry has gradually become the world's main force of the hardware industry. Whether in the global tool market, or in the Chinese tool market, the application of hardware tools, the demand is beyond the imagination. Some developed countries on the demand for hardware tools each year to 10 percent increase in the rate of increase. Hardware tools are labor-intensive industries, as the hardware of the village of Yongkang, but also by virtue of low-cost traditional competitive advantage, once the hardware tools of the gathering place. Products are not only popular in major cities in China, by virtue of China Science and Technology Hardware City held a 14th China Hardware Fair Dongfeng, is exported to Europe and the United States, Africa, the Middle East and other places. In recent years, by the rising labor costs, rising raw materials, financial crisis and a series of adverse economic factors, Hardware City, many hardware tools manufacturers, vendors have increased their own brand R & D, sales efforts.

    The year before, hardware tools export recalls rate has declined, the rapid appreciation of the renminbi, and further reduced the profit margins of hardware tools. Second, the production of hardware tools mainly by steel and other raw material prices. Steel market instability has also led to a significant increase in the risk of sales of hardware tools. Hardware tools are low-profit products, and the market is highly competitive, unified price increases is not possible. There are sellers frankly, the individual price increase is undoubtedly equal to the old customers hand over to let. With the hardware tool market competition gradually intensified, how to maintain the sustainable development trend of hardware tools, as many vendors have to face the main problem.

    Hardware in the city for many years operating hardware manufacturers Chen said that the establishment of brand influence is the hardware city hardware tools for sustainable development of the best choice. Brand building, quality first. No matter how wonderful the promotion strategy, are built on the basis of product quality. Only manufacturers to ensure product quality and stability in order to win the trust of customers. If you want to have a place in the market, improve the quality is the key. "Like this to the pliers, although more than a dozen pliers to be expensive, but its quality is much better than ordinary pliers, the implementation of three packs of after-sales service is also comprehensive, consumers in the purchase, the majority will choose this Brand, good quality products. "

    Related people analysis, an industry has gone through the initial period, the development period to maturity, often into the refinement of the development stage. Hardware tools in the hardware city is a relatively mature industry, in such an environment and development, business households will want to find a way out of the market. Hardware tools are labor-intensive industries, has been due to China's raw material prices and low labor costs in terms of advantages, hardware tools in the international market occupies a larger share, as the hardware of the Yongkang, the market competition is also very intense. "As a relatively mature industry, customers generally have a fixed supplier, in order to develop new customers is not easy." In terms of foreign trade, hardware tools, the same is not optimistic, "the company has a lot of money, In recent years, faced with raw material prices, tax policy changes and changes in the exchange rate and other unfavorable factors, hardware tools are gradually losing the original cost advantage, the loss of customers. "Reporters visited, found in the introduction of well-known brands on the basis of many business Households have begun to have to segment the market development, hardware tool sales segmentation trend is increasingly evident. From the big aspects, hardware tools are divided into manual tools, pneumatic tools, combination tools, auto insurance tools, craftsmen and other tools. Hand tools are divided into wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and so on. Pneumatic tools are also equipped with assembly, cutting and so on. The purpose of subdividing hardware tools is to make its market more targeted. In a wide range of hardware tools, high-end combination of exquisite tools and car car tools are gradually becoming the new darling of people.

    After more than 10 years of development, the current hardware hardware hardware products have been gradually formed series, standardization, brand, not only varieties of complete specifications, product quality and stability, and the introduction of some famous products in the international market there is a certain degree of competitiveness The Many vendors also said that hardware hardware hardware firm in the international market there is a good way to go. As a dealer, based on the original market advantage, to consolidate the traditional hardware tools on the basis of accelerating the development of new products, improve backward technology, improve the level of scientific and technological content of products, increase added value; based on local cultural background, Brand, to build an effective information channel and rapid response to the decision-making mechanism, the establishment of a good reputation, to provide users with high quality products and perfect service, I believe the hardware tools will be better tomorrow.

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