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Working principle of cold pier machine
2011-12-02 09:55:32  

Fastener molding

First, the purpose: the wire by cold forging (or hot forging), in order to achieve the shape and length of semi-finished products (or thickness).

Second, the bolt (screw) molding (head):

(1), the machine model (specifications) Selection: Machine model 10B-3S 13B-3S 17B-3SL 19B-3S 24B-4S 30B-4L 36B Scope M6,1 / 4 Length 2 "The following M6, M8, M10 M12, M12, M16 1/2, 9/16, 5/8 M14, M12 M14, M10, 1/6 5/16, M20 M / 2 M20, M22 M24, 5/8 3/4, 7/8, M /

(B), the operating process:

1, hexagonal bolts (four four or four die three red)

(1), cut off: moving through the movable scissors one-way, the card in the cut-off wire cut into the required embryo.

(2), a red: after the punch to withstand the embryo material squeeze the embryo material, the initial shape, after the punch will be launched embryo.

(3), two red: embryo into the second mold, two die extrusion, the embryo was flat round, after the die will be launched embryo.

(4), three red: the embryo into the third model, through the hexagonal three punch cutting, embryo hexagonal head initially formed, after the punch after the embryo push

Into the third model, cut from the hexagonal head cut, hexagonal head formation.

2, carriage bolts (one mold two red)

3, hexagon socket bolts (three-mode three red)

4, hexagonal head of the small screws (three-three-red)

5, small screws (usually the first type of mold two red)

(1), cut off: through the movable scissors one-way movement, will be caught in the cutting mold wire cut into the required embryo.

(2), a red: punching fixed, a punch will be the initial shape of the product, so that the next stroke can be fully formed. When the product is a word groove, a punch for the concave, oval groove, the product for the cross slot, a punch for the concave, four square groove.

(3), two red: a red after the rush with the overall operation, the second die to play in front of the mold, while the second mold forward, the final shape of the product. The embryo is then pushed out by the back punch.

Third, hot play:

(1), Applicable Specifications: Product Name Hexagon Screws with Beam Rods Carriage Bolt Bolt Bolt Hexagon Bolt Hex Bolts Hexagon Bolts Product Category BHLZ BCAE BCAZ BHMZ BHMZ Scope of application 3 / 8-3 / 4 Length 13 "(inclusive) or more 7 / 8-1 "Length 10" -12 "

Two), the operating process:

1, heating: heating equipment in the embryo to be molded one end heated to white hot state, according to product specifications set heating temperature and time. Generally 3/4 below the heating 7-10 seconds, 7 / 8-1 "heating about 15 seconds.

2, molding: the heated embryo material quickly moved to the molding machine, through the rear seat, clamping mold fixed, the first model impact embryo material, to be shaped. The distance of the rear seat can be adjusted according to the length of the stock.

3, beam rod: in the beam machine on the use of extrusion products will shrink rod.

Fourth, the nut shape:

(1), the machine model (specifications) Selection: Machine model 8B 11B 14B 19B 24B 33B 38B Scope M5 and 10 # the following M8 and 5/16 the following M10 and below 3/8 M12 and below M16 and 5/8 or less M20 and 7/8 below M24 and 1 "or less

(B), the operating process:

 1, cut off: the inner cutter (410) with the cutting knife (301) with the wire cut into the required embryo.

2, a red: by the former die (111), stroke mode (411), back punch (211) with the deformation of the cutting embryo to be shaped, and by the back rod (211) will be launched embryo.

(112), stroke mode (412), rear punch (412), further shaping the embryo, and then adjusting the size of the embryo, And to strengthen the first red of the flattening and full-angle effect, followed by the back punch (212) will be launched embryo material.

4, the three punch: the folder (612) will be the embryo from the double-folder to the three red, from the former die (113), stroke mode (413), back punch (213) with the squeeze again, So that the undershoot can be fully formed, and then the embryo is pushed out by the back punch (213).

5, the four red: the folder (613) will be the embryo from the three punch to four red, by the former die (114), stroke mode (414), back punch (214) with the nut fully formed, and The thickness of the nut is adjusted by controlling the thickness of the iron scrap, after which the embryo is pushed out by the back punch (214).

6, the five red: the folder (614) will be the embryo from the four punch to five red, from the former die (119), stripping plate (507) with the shape of the complete embryo punching, and to thrust Of the iron into the punch mold under the benevolence, and the final completion of the nut shape. The head of the nut is marked in this process -!

(Limited to 5S machines)

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