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Summary of punch
2012-01-03 09:57:13  

Summary of punch

      Punching rods for the cold heading die of the important parts, according to the location of the work can be divided into the front punch and rear punch; according to the role of punching rods can be divided into: plastic punch, positioning punch, Bar, punching rods, punching punch, punching punch, punch punch, etc.; according to the shape can be divided into: round punch bar, Horn punch rods, plum blossom bar, mother punch bar, star punch bar and other special-shaped punch bar.


Punch material

       The main features of the material are high-speed upsetting when the material can maintain a good red hardness, and resistance to the resistance of the material, the use of high-speed steel, the main materials are Japan SKH9, SKH55, SKH59 US M2, M35, M42; Grinding is also very good, and can guarantee a certain degree of toughness; also part of the powder high-speed steel material, commonly used for ASP23, ASP30, ASP60. Material properties worry about high-speed steel, but its high prices, and inventory is not complete, the use of relatively small range. Tungsten steel punch is a small number of enterprises in recent years to produce new products, mainly the use of carbide production, the toughness of the material requirements are high, the production of the technical threshold is relatively high, the production cost is also high, generally used for stainless steel cold Upsetting industry and re-pulling the field;


Punching the surface of the handle

      Punching the surface treatment, this year with the improvement of product quality in China, more and more manufacturers to improve the life expectancy of the punch is very high expectations, punching the surface titanium treatment is a very good choice; its advantages In the titanium after the workpiece size control is better, the thickness is generally 2-3UM, red bar deformation is also very little, very suitable for punching the surface treatment. After the titanium plate, the surface friction coefficient is reduced and the surface hardness is increased, so that the abrasion resistance of the punch is greatly increased, and the life is greatly prolonged. Titanium layer types commonly used for TIN, TICN, TIALN, ALCRN, etc., comparable according to the different manufacturers of technology, not too much elaboration.

The distribution of domestic production

         Chongzhu manufacturers are mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region, the production of raw materials have a high demand for raw materials, mainly to import the main, but also the development of domestic materials, but the stability is not enough. In addition, the heat treatment of the punch material is also very technical content, to combine the specific use of the punching bar to design a suitable quenching temperature, tempering temperature, super cold time and other heat treatment process. At present the domestic red bar to do a very mature Dongguan Kai Chen's "sharp" brand. Its main supply of domestic high-end market and exports.

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